Frankie Merchant

I work in Payouts at Simply, where I am responsible for checking documentation on deals to ensure they are prepared to be sent to finance. The teams I work most closely with are Sales and Broker Support as we all try to resolve any issues we stumble across whilst trying to ensure a deal reaches payout. I find no deal ever seems the same so it keeps me on my toes and I am always learning more about our terms of acceptance. This is my first role within the finance sector. I am so glad I went for it as I love both my role and my team – and every day is different, making it an exciting experience. I look forward to progressing and becoming even more confident in my knowledge. Outside of work I am quite a foodie. I keep a list of all the restaurants I want to try and am slowly making my way through all of them. On days where I just want to chill, I like to stay at home with my dog and cat and stick on a binge-worthy tv show, especially when the weather is cold!

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