Our customer focussed digital journey to finance

Simply Connect is an end-to-end digital journey that allows customers to use online tools to manage their funding, from application through to the final payment.
Simply Connect C

Since the start, Simply has been building its offering based on the belief that SMEs deserve better

Piece by piece, we have automated the process and removed the need for paperwork or manual input. This has been achieved by integrating various sources of data to make it easier to approve applications without asking the customer to collect everything for us.

It includes


Portals for submission of application
Integrated credit data sources
Integrated asset data sources
Automated KYC and customer ID verification
Electronic documentation
Automated payment of funds
Electronic welcome pack
An app for customers with built in customer service functionality
An app for broker partners with built in customer service functionality
Asset value analytics to help customers optimise funding
Online market for asset sales
E-signature and open banking

Most importantly, Simply Connect complements our award-winning personal service. This includes our readiness to talk over the phone, and our willingness to visit our customers to discuss their business objectives, growth, and funding opportunities. At Simply, we know trusted relationships cannot completely be replaced by technology.

Simply Connect allows us to serve our customers when they need us, in the way that works for them. It empowers our customers to get refinance and equity to build their businesses – to grow and prosper.

We call this technology with a handshake.

  • What our customers say 

    Simply is more open, the setup is more accessible and the information, and ultimately the money, is faster to come through.”

  • What our customers say 

    The speed of Simply’s decision making, the use of technology to fast-track the paperwork and the flexibility shown, meant that Simply was the right partner for us. This relationship will help to support our long-term growth plans.”

  • What our customers say 

    Getting the funding was an incredibly simple process with automated documents and a quick turnaround. We are delighted to be working with such a forward-thinking organisation to fulfil our goals.”