Watch Leasing Leaders Series recorded session with CEO, Mike Randall

LTi Technology Solutions presented LTiConnections: Leasing Leader Series on May 13th at 1:00pm with Simply’s CEO, Mike Randall.

These webinars featured host Lindsay Town, Chairman of IAA-Advisory, who interviewed some of the top leaders of the industry following up with live Q&A sessions.

The series tackles the most pressing issues and topics that our industry is facing today. It examines the key changes asset finance has seen over the year including:

  • biggest challenges
  • appeal of the industry to new recruits
  • the essence of being a leader in the industry
  • providing insight into 2021 and beyond

Watch Mike Randall’s interview and hear what he had to say about the topics facing our industry today.

Live recording_ Mike Randall from LTi Technology Solutions on Vimeo.

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