Simply Connect is important for our customers, brokers, and the Simply team.

11 October 2021
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Simply Connect is an end-to-end digital journey that allows customers to use online tools to manage their funding, from application through to the final payment.

Alex Mcwilliams, Simply Broker Support Manager tells us how important Simply Connect is for our customers, brokers, and the Simply team.

How do you use Simply Connect in your day? 

I use Simply Connect every day without fail! I use it to get documents signed, raise documents, to run credit searches, to have sight of customer payments for current transactions.

Do you think Simply Connect gives the customer a different experience/enhances their customer journey?

Absolutely, Simply Connect allows us to work with the customer and broker to make their lives easier. Our typical customer does not sit at a desk in front of a computer all day. They are always on the move and Simply Connect makes the communication lines and the completion of tasks to get a deal done much easier to achieve.

What do you like most about Simply Connect? 

Simply Connect allows us to connect on a personal level with our customers as well as through technology. We have direct contact with our customers when talking to them through e-sign on each transaction. It creates a rapport and it allows us to understand what it really means to our customers when we lend on an asset. It genuinely feels great when you come off the phone to a customer and they appreciate what you have done for them.

Why are technology advancements such as Simply Connect important for the sector in today’s world?

Technology allows us to continuously improve the service we give. Service is always something that will be highly valued by customers and brokers and if we can make this fast and stress free then we will certainly stand out. From an internal perspective, we have a better view of the pipeline and Simply Connect allows us to manage operational capacity better.

What can we do now better than before? 

The proposal submission portal will relieve one of our most time-consuming operational tasks and help with loading proposals. Simply Connect will give the power to our broker partners to be able to do this. The integration of credit search data into our systems means we can run searches at a click of a few buttons and allows the brokers to get their props straight in the credit queue! This means we can get even faster decisions for our brokers; we can have same day turnout for our customers, and we can fix mistakes (sometimes they happen!) quickly.

How did Simply Connect make a difference during the pandemic?

I think the use of electronic documents and e-signatures was paramount during the pandemic. It allowed business to happen even though people had to socially distance. It allowed our brokers and customers to stay safe. Since then, I would say around 80% of our agreements are signed up through e-sign because they find the process hassle free! It is a big selling point for us and our brokers.

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